Day 19 Bajjan


In 2013 I traveled to Senegal, it was a life changing trip for me. I had been considering becoming a Muslim for about a year, my visit to Senegal made me certain I would convert.

It was so beautiful to witness Islam being practiced in a very natural and authentic way. It was present in everyday life, most of all I remember the kindness and generosity of the Senegalese. They have something that we often lack in the west: community… they may be poor when it comes to material stuff but they are rich when it comes to kindness and human connection.

In today’s drawing I wanted to capture a very moving moment for me. We were visiting Mback√© (a village in central Senegal). There was a woman and everyone called her ‘Bajjan’ (which means auntie). We were sitting in the shade under a tree. With a very deep and calm voice she was reciting (like a mantra): La illaha ilalaaaa… (there is no deity but God)

It was incredibly soothing and I can still feel it ringing in my heart.

a sketch:


A photo of me and Bajjan:


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