Day 30 horizons


Today is the final drawing of the 30day project which I started a month ago. Aiming to complete 1 drawing a day. I did it! It felt a bit like finishing a marathon. It has not been easy and straight forward, some of the drawings were made under intense emotional turmoil and some were so easy, like a hot knife through butter.  I wanted to share a bit about my personal history with drawing:

From as young as I can remember, I always wanted to draw. I believe God put that in me. But it has been nearly 10 years and I have hardly touched a pencil or brush, until this past month.

According to my mum at the age of 1,5 I was always very focused when drawing, even trying to draw circles. At the age of 2,5 years I remember the wish to learn how to draw properly. I saw a beautiful photograph of a rat and when my mum told me it was a drawing I was shocked because it looked so real. I will never forget my mums words: “if you practice really hard you too one day will be able to draw like that.” I was so happy! Because I knew I was going to practice hard and draw like that. My whole life it was clear I would be an artist, but when I entered Art Academy at 18 years I was so young and not able to make full use of the opportunity. Distracted by all kinds of things (living alone for the first time, freedom to do anything etc.), and I was still looking for my identity. I eventually studied Video Design instead of Fine Art. When I graduated in 2008 I was fed up, I guess overdosed by art. I wanted a break from it and learn more about who I was. So a search for myself started. I moved to London and later also lived in Brighton, worked for charity as project manager and learned all kinds of new things about myself. Most importantly.. I became a mum. That was the biggest transformation for me..

This last month has been like… well, as if I held back all these drawings for 10 years and they finally unleashed.

This project has been very much about proving to myself that I can maintain a discipline of creating something daily and that I can be productive with the one thing where my passion lies. Drawing…

The last month has shaped a new horizon where I can see myself actively using my skill and passion for the better. I am absolutely benefiting from the therapeutic side effects of art but I am hoping that others may draw inspiration from it or can be touched by my drawings too.

In sha Allah (God willing) I will continue the daily drawings and I will keep posting them here. I am getting ready to organize and exhibition with the 30 drawings and will let you know any details asap!

Thank you to all of you who have been supportive, it means a lot.

Much Salam


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