Toumani and Sidiki Diabate in Utrecht

A gift

Absolutely brilliant day! Together with my friend Marly Phillips we went to a concert of Toumani and Sidiki Diabate at Rasa (venue) in Utrecht.

His music has inspired me immensely and and I truly believe it has healing effects on my emotional well being. I made these drawings whilst listening to his music and when I found out he would be coming to the Netherlands I decided to give them as a gift, to say thank you.

I didn’t know how difficult it would be to approach him after the concert but it turned out to be fairly easy. Marly hadn’t heard about him before and I told her for me it was a bit like going to see the Beatles! haha…


The gig was absolutely brilliant, the dynamics between him and his son Sidiki were also very entertaining, they were joking a lot with each other. Toumani is on tour with his son Sidiki, passing on the legacy, father to son. And listening to 700 year old music from this ancient Kingdom in West-Africa was breathtaking.

At the end they were signing CD’s and people where standing in line to get an autograph, so when it was my turn I guess he didn’t expect a gift and so he handed me the pen to sign my own drawings for him. We all laughed about it and I even spoke some Wolof with him. Feeling so happy and humbled to have the opportunity to thank him in person.

Below you can see some photo’s of the gig at RASA venue in Utrecht:

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