B.R.A.V.I.N.G. Brené Brown


“Braving” is an acronym that Brené Brown created and explains in her talk : The Anatomy of Trust to break down the meaning of the word trust. The acronym helps to communicate more specifically about our trust issues.

I will be making a drawing for each of these qualities, with a quote from the talk.

To introduce the word Braving I used the drawing of the caravan in the desert because I felt that it is a tough journey to actually honour these qualities in a relationship and towards oneself.


Edit 12 Dec 2015: Below are all the drawings for BRAVING, read more about how they came about on my blog


  1. Love your drawings and intent. Not

    Non judgement is much more then “when you fall apart..”
    It’s for your whole person. Your actions choices and emotions.
    I know you quoted b brown but out of context it’s accurate to her intent.

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  2. I appreciate your artwork and wanting to create a powerful visual to accompany the powerful words in this acronym.

    (you have a couple of misspellings…reciprocal and marble)

    Thank you for this resource!

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  3. I had to have a tough conversation with my 12 year-old girl about trust and Brené’s acronym sprang to mind so was looking for a infographic to use with her and came across your blog. Fabulous!

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