BRAVING Reliability

Okay, so it has taken me a couple of days to create the next drawing for the acronym BRAVING (from The Anatomy of Trust, by Brené Brown). I had some trouble getting in the right mind-space.

It feels like disasters all over the world have multiplied over the last week. Terrorist attacks, natural media are just overflowing after the Paris terrorist attack on 13 November. I feel sickened by the thought that fear and hate among people, especially towards Muslims, will again increase and I am hoping that people will not blindly follow news headlines, without investigating and thinking for themselves. The topic of trust has never been more relevant and it is ironic that I am working with the subject in a time that trust among people is about to go completely (as the English would say:)’tits up’.

When I thought about reliability, the image that came to mind almost immediately was that of a parent and their child. Reliability is such a huge thing for children. Knowing that they can count on their mum or dad is everything, the ability to trust is shaped so early on in our lives.



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