BRAVING Non Judgement

20151127_140314non judgement final

Here is my drawing for ‘Non-judgement’ – part of Brené Brown’s acronym B.R.A.V.I.N.G. watch her talk The Anatomy of Trust here.

You know you are in a trusting relationship when you can fall apart and be in struggle without being judged by the other person. But often WE are the ones judging ourselves for needing help. Many times we don’t give ourselves permission to be in struggle. What really hit home for me was the following thing Brené says:

“When I think less of myself for needing help (conscious or not) and then offer help to someone else, you think less of them too. ”

Me thinking: ..really? ..(sinking feeling)

“You are getting value for being the helper”

Me: hmf.. (not wanting to admit this is true)

I have often been a ‘helper’ and understanding now that my intentions to help may not have always been so pure, for example by making me feel powerful or in control, is not easy to digest.

So far making drawings to B.R.A.V.I.N.G. has been quite a ride..I initially wanted to take max. 2 weeks, but it’s hard work. I am constantly having to reassess my own stand in this and reflect on how trust unfolds in my own life.

One more drawing left.. Generosity..coming up.

Thank you for your interest so far, I have had views on my website from all over the world which is very humbling.

God bless and stay tuned 🙂




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