BRAVING Generosity


This is the last drawing for the acronym B.R.A.V.I.N.G. from The Anatomy of Trust by Brené Brown. It has been an amazing experience for me to process her talk in this way. I have been challenged to really think about how I view trust. I had to make it personal and think about real life situations in order to come up with a drawing.

“Our relationship is only a trusting one if you can assume the most generous thing about my words, intentions and behaviours and then check in with me”

When I thought about how to capture a “generous assumption” I imagined a situation where there had been a misunderstanding, resulting in resentment or an argument. Being generous with our assumptions takes courage. And so does forgiving.

Below you can see some sketches and other ideas. I have two more drawings in stock (in the making actually) before I finish this project. Little teaser, the titles will be: “Marbel Jar Friends” and “Self-love”

Thank you all for your interest! Much Love and Salam



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