Marble Jar Friends


After finishing the illustrations for the acronym BRAVING I felt that there were still some things missing that I hadn’t included yet from the talk The Anatomy of Trust by Brené Brown.

I was touched by her story when she tries to explain ‘trust’ to her 9 year old daughter who had just experienced betrayal in school and decides to never trust anyone again. I love how Brené is being really practical by using an example that her daughter can relate to.

In school they have a marble jar that gets a marble every time the class does something good as a group and Brené says to her daughter (quote):

“Ellen, trust is like a marble jar. You share those hard stories and those hard things that are happening to you with friends who, over time have filled up their marble jar.

Below you can see some other sketches and drawings I’ve made. I just realized that marbel is NOT spelled like that! so forgive me for the spelling mistake 🙂


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