DID YOU KNOW/ Bilal (ra)

Bismillah (in the name of God)

bilal final

The second drawing that I am using in this series ‘DID YOU KNOW’ is to highlight an extraordinary man who was very close to our beloved Prophet Muhammad He was the son of an Ethiopian mother (who was a Princess) and an Arab Father called Rabah. His family was enslaved and therefore he was born into slavery.

Bilal endured incredible hardship as a slave, especially when he became a Muslim, he was tortured for worshiping only one God and refusing to Worship any Idols or other Deities. He was bought out of slavery as soon as the prophet  and his companions heard about him. Muhammad chose Bilal as the first muezzin, because of his deep, melodious, and resonant voice.

The story of Bilal is the most frequently cited demonstration of Islam’s views of measuring people not by their nationality nor social status nor race, but measuring people by their Taqwah (piety).

I like watching this film exert, imagining what it must have been like to hear the first call for prayer, the first Adhan.


When I see the Bayefall of Senegal chanting: La Illaha Ilala. (There is no God but God) it reminds me of Bilal)


Listen to Imam Omar Suleiman if you want to know more:



  1. Dear Isabella.

    I think your art work is beautiful. During RE week at school, we are hoping to teach our children about Bilal. The art you have painted is beautiful. Would there be any chance you would send me an image of this without the text so I can include it in my teaching please?

    No worries if not

    Kind regards


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