How does a drawing come into being?


How do your drawings come into being? What inspires you?

When I sat down to make this drawing above I had no plan, no idea what I was going to end up with. It happened very intuitively. It’s obviously different for everyone, but for me it is thanks to Allah (God) that I can have this experience, be in this world and express myself through art.

It’s interesting to observe my own process of creating art and learn to understand how I work. Normally I have a really clear image in mind when I start drawing, a result of a topic that is occupying my thoughts. For example with the drawings below my thoughts were occupied by worries about the environment and how we treat our world in general, I thought about how Muslims are advised to act in times of desperation (and the bottom line is: keep doing good even if you don’t see the results in this world). You can click HERE to go to the original blog post and read more about the drawings:




But the drawing from last night  is a classic example of starting without a clue. First the colours appeared on paper and then the boats came into being. Looking back I see that the colours I am currently surrounded by (see photos below) are reflected in this drawing. If you look closely you can see a mother and child looking out over the sea, waiting for a loved one to come home.


I was listening to the music below whilst drawing:

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