The City (collage)


This is a painting/collage I made in 2002 during art class, I can’t believe I was 17 at the time. During my high school years I had a wonderful teacher and mentor in art class (Fons Pisters). I remember one thing he always used to say: Art is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration! You gotta work for it! I love the way he would always treat left over materials like precious gems: “Stop! don’t throw that away! It can be used! 🙂 I have never looked at leftover paper bits the same way after finishing this collage.


I used this close up as a background for a quote:

2016-02-28 15.49.22   —>>  2016-02-28 15.51.03


another close up


Thank you for checking out my work.



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