Smart (phone) Art | no.1



With two toddlers in the house (and no studio – just the kitchen table) making new work can be a challenge. I am trying to find all sorts of manageable ways (non messy, easy to tidy away) to still be able to create new work.

The other day we were all having some fun drawing together. I then took a close up of the kids drawings and did the rest of the design (handwritten text) on my phone in the photo editor, uploaded it on Instagram and put a groovy filter over it.


The play on words ‘be (a) present’ came to mind because ‘being present’ is something I personally struggle with. I remember that feeling when meeting a person who is truly present with you. It is as if you are receiving a beautiful gift. To feel that you are really being listened to, being seen for who you are, is just priceless. It’s a quality I very much desire.

I will be posting some more ‘Smart (phone) Art’ over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your visit to my blog,

Much Love, Salam



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