Smart (phone) Art | no.2



When I was studying art (Art Academy Maastricht) I remember the teachers going on about the impact of technology on art (especially graphic design and photography). The year I started was one of the final years before the dark room (for photography students) was about to be closed.

I always loved walking around the graphic design studio, a huge place with all the machines and equipment to print live and direct onto paper,wood or other materials. We would always be encouraged to keep creating stuff by hand first before starting to work on our computer.

Below you can see the drawing I made to then unleash technology on it 🙂 You can create a totally new thing by photographing it at a certain angle, adjusting colour/contrast etc.  I used my smart phone for all of this (Samsung Galaxy S4 mini)

original drawing:

2016-02-16 20.01.27

Be a rainbow in somone’s cloud – Dr. Maya Angelou

This looks kind of oriental:

2016-02-15 14.22.00

And finally, Life can be a maze(ing)!


Thanks for stopping by x Let me know what you think (share idea’s, your own work )

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