brussels no 2

22 March 2016

As artists I feel we have a responsibility to reflect our times and send a message of hope and encouragement for making our world a better place. News of another terrorist attack has reached most of us, this time Brussels airport. Over the last weeks Ankara, Grand Bassam and Istanbul (probably more that I am not aware of) have been attacked too..

The common reaction around me is one of hopelessness and fear. And a deep sense of powerlessness “It’s just getting worse, there is nothing I can do…what is going to happen to my world?”

What strengthens me personally is my belief that I will carry all my good and bad actions with me after death. So if I try to focus on doing the best I can to be a good person and extend that to my community wherever I can, than in the end I can leave this world with a good conscience..

Everyone obviously has their own way of looking at the world, I would be interested to know what gives YOU hope and strength to carry on, even when confronted with devastation.

Be safe, don’t loose hope.

Love and Salam



Original blog post for the drawings: https://bellaelhasan.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/day-9-planting-trees/


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