Smart (phone) Art | no.3

The Earth without art is just ‘eh’ – author unknown

Another post on Smartphone art. I love editing drawings on my phone, it gives the drawing a whole new layer and it’s so great because it’s instant.

Here is the original drawing:

‘unlocking hearts’ – chalk pastel on paper A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in)

I’ve been working on this topic “unlocking hearts” because I feel that this is something that is really needed. More unlocked hearts. We all seem to be carrying a chain around our heart, locking our feelings away, not wanting to be vulnerable, not wanting to connect to the pain in ourselves to understand pain in others. Not wanting to be seen, because maybe we feel there is no ‘worth’ in exposing our hearts…

So many factors will determine how we react and act upon what happens around us. Environment, education, position in  society, culture, wealth, health, family, friends, spiritual beliefs…the list goes on. But we all carry the same potential in our heart to be better. It just needs to be unlocked.


unlock forgiveness, so I can let go of hatred

unlock mercy, so I can tap into love

unlock mutual understanding, so I can be at peace


Here you can see a bit of the editing process:

Before editing:


After editing with Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S6) :



And another smartphone editing process:

Original photo:


‘negative’ effect:



using the ‘drawing tool’ in photo editor, you can just draw with your finger or S-pen on the screen:


Instagram layer: Mayfair




Music I was listening to whilst creating the drawing


And whilst writing this post (I love hip hop, this is in Wolof so I don’t understand the lyrics, but it helps me focus whilst writing):


Thanks so much for visiting! See you Thursday!

P.S. For those who were celebrating: hope you had a lovely Easter!

Love & Salam



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