Sacred water


‘River’ chalkpastel on paper (A3 size , 11.69 x 16.53 in)

I’m often glad to be back in a more rural environment after having lived in cities for over a decade. The rhythms of nature are so beautiful to witness, being able to see the stars, smell the leaves in autumn etc. I remember drinking water from a stream for the first time in Brazil (Chapada Diamantina) – it felt surreal.. and then it just seemed so mad that we can’t drink from most of our rivers anymore.


When I was younger I regularly went on camping trips. My sister and I would watch national geographic expeditions to the K2 or Mount Everest and then go camping in our garden..haha..So this drawing is dedicated to those childhood memories and some of my outdoor adventures.


One thing that always disturbed me about watching those outdoor expeditions were the amount of oxygen bottles and other rubbish that are left behind. I wanted to share the video I watched this morning, it’s narrated by Jeff Bridges, about plastic pollution. It’s nothing new, we all know its bad..but just good to be reminded again:


Thank God there are people like Boyan Slat who are developing amazing clean up solutions. Now we just have to stop making a mess..


Thanks for following my posts, see you on monday 🙂

Love, Salam



  1. I love how your art is integrated into your life along with memories, and thinking about things such as pollution, and all reinforce each other. Your art does not stand alone but flows from inside you, and I know that is not always the case with artwork, people often tend to make what they think others will like or buy as their primary motivation. I really enjoy how open you are.

    And, I love the “River” pastel. What a sense of flowing it gives me, and I love how the black lines are just enough, not overpowering, guiding the eye. I grew up out in the country and though now I live in a suburb of a large city, and I like it, I have so many memories of being out in an open landscape when I was young.

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