The Grand Magal


“The Great Mosque” Digital drawing on Samsung Galaxy 6

We are driving through the holy city of Touba (Senegal) by car and are on our way to the Great Mosque during the celebrations of The Grand Magal 2013. I take in all the colours, sounds and smells. We are surrounded by pilgrims who have come from everywhere to remember the exile of a modern day Saint: Cheikh Achmadou Bamba Mbacke. The car is moving slowly, sometimes our friend Baye Ndour gets out to arrange the traffic himself so we can get through. It’s a very hot day, garbage pilling up in many street corners but no one seems the bothered by it. I’m one of the very few light skinned people around and get many looks, especially when we are at the mosque. I was given traditional clothing which seemed to make me even more of an attraction.


The call for prayer is echoing from different mosques at the same time. Shop owners stop their business for prayer, we pass them whilst they do the ritual wash (wudu) at the side of the road. Face, hands, arms, feet are being washed. Washing away inner and outer dirt, preparing the mind for prayer.


A little peek into my creative process, starting out with a close up of a bottle with coloured water and glitter as a base. Then applying 2 layers on top with the drawing tool in the photo editor of my smartphone:


This trailer below gives a great impression of the city during The Grand Magal (a sufi Muslim pilgrimage taking place each year, attracting millions)

Having a spiritual path means everything to me, it strengthens me and gives my life so much more meaning and depth. I always wonder how people can choose to live without ANY spiritual dimension, I would feel terrible empty. The YOLO (you only live once) life style becomes boring after a while, you can’t run forever, death will catch up with you eventually. Are you ready? Are you preparing yourself for it? These questions are on my mind a lot, I don’t want to be unprepared. I want to be ready.

Two other drawings made with the same background layer (all on my phone)

 A previous post about Cheikh Achmadou Bamba:

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it immensely. See you again on Thursday.

Much Love and Salam



  1. Wonderful post šŸ™‚ I agree I often wonder how people can live without having a spiritual base or foundation in their lives. In one of your photos it looks like those tall buildings are blurred or covered with something. I just had to ask what are they? Oh, I have a little saying of my own that “I’m walking towards Eternity” I rather like that one. šŸ™‚

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