The city in the blue daylight (Dak’Art 2016)

3 May – 2 June 2016, Dakar Senegal


From 3 May  – 2 June  2016  Dak’Art Biennale, is taking place in Dakar, Senegal (West-Africa). For all you art lovers and artists out there, this is not something to be missed. It’s the first major international Art event dedicated to the Contemporary African Arts. This year in it’s 12th edition, the title/theme is: The City in the blue daylight.

I will dedicate my blog posts to exploring the Biennale form afar (via the internet). I have a special link with Dakar, because our family lives there (my kids have Senegalese roots). So for me it’s not just a way to explore the amazing talent coming from the African continent, but also to stay connected with Dakar.

During our visit in auntie Kine’s shop at Parcelles Market in Dakar.

The title and theme for this Biennale are inspired by the utopian vision of Léopold Sédar Senhor (Senegal’s first president) expressed in his poetry. Here is an extract of a poem that served as the inspiration for the title/theme:

Your voice tells us about the
Republic that we shall erect the
City in the Blue Daylight
In the equality of sister nations.
And we, we answer: Presents,
Ô Guélowâr !
Léopold Sédar Senhor
Quick pen drawing trying to capture the title of the exhibition: Réenchantment


What to expect?

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Brooklyn and Dak’Art 2016 are collaborating and I will be sharing their video footage, which gives a really great feel of the Biennale and Dakar as a city. (See below) and this is their interview with Simon Njami (curator of this years Dak’art Biennale)

Apart from that I want to explore new artists via the online platforms and share their work with you guys. The whole process will be rather organic and really just me ‘exploring’ and creating new work in the process.

I am enchanted by the idea of ‘Africa in Bloom’ and will be making drawings inspired by this, which I am posting along with my Biennale journey:

Digital drawing, ‘Africa Blooming’.

I aim to stick to my usual blog days (Monday and Thursday), but as there is so much to be seen, I may share posts on other days too.

Thanks so much for your interest!

Love, Salam









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