‘Baggage’ A5 pen drawing + digital drawing layer

I can’t remember who told me this anecdote, but it went something like this:

“There was a couple with an 8 year old son who had a very rare heart disease and was in urgent need of surgery. The procedure was very complicated and there was only one doctor in the nearby area who could do the operation on this young boys heart. Thankfully the doctor was able to rush to the hospital to do the surgery. After hours and hours of waiting he finished and came out of the operation-room with an incredibly sad look on his face. The parents were mortified…he told them all went well and that their son will soon be back on his feat. They were overjoyed, the doctor walked away quietly. They couldn’t understand why he had been so abrupt and unhappy.. Later one of the nurses, who had overheard their conversation, mentioned to them that the doctor had just lost his 8 year old son, he was actually sitting at his very funeral when he got the emergency call for the operation…”

original drawing

Things are never what they seem. We all have our baggage, things that happened to us in life that eventually shape who we are today..We must never judge too quickly when a person seems to behave ‘odd’. Today’s drawing is inspired by that anecdote but also by my own experiences in life.

Still listening to Damien Escobar:


Thanks again for stopping by on my blog. Back on Monday!

Peace and Love to you and your families


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