One Humanity #Borders expo

Heart Continent, Gelwax crayons drawing + digital layer

This will be one of the drawings for my upcoming exhibition ‘Borders’ – At first I was making lots of drawings about the war in Syria , but I am trying to find a more universal feel, something less specific. What is happening in Syria and in every place of war is being done not just to ‘them’, it is done to all of us.Crimes against another human being are crimes against all of Humanity.

This is my life long quest – how can we achieve more unity, Brotherhood, Sisterhood? How to come closer to my personal longing for ‘one humanity’? How can we be diverse and still respectful towards each other? Appreciating the differences… Loving the nuances.

One continent, made up out of broken pieces, patched together we stand colorful, messy,  beautiful and united.

original drawing A4 size, gelwax crayons

Much Love

Salam = Peace

Thanks for stopping by, See you Thursday!






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