Influenced by street art


I live without a television nowadays and I hardly watch any series, I don’t really have much time for it anyway. But yesterday night I totally binge watched “The Get Down” on Netflix. I know it’s not for everyone but I really loved it! I always had a soft spot for hip hop, and knew a little bit of history. The Get Down shows the birth of hip hop during the late 70ties in the Bronx and Episode 6 is called: Raise your words, not your voice. Which inspired me for today’s drawing.

I really loved seeing how graffiti works on subways, how it served as a form of resistance and as a way to inspire with hopeful slogans such as the one above.

My drawing style is definitely influenced by street art, but I am not a street artist, although I would love to do huge murals one day. Here is a little history about Graffiti in the US:


Thanks so much for stopping by, see you Thursday!

Much Love, Salam


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