Be still


‘Behold the miracle’ Digital drawing on top of photo


‘Be still’ Digital drawing on top of chalkpastel drawing


Life rushes by, everything appears like a dream in the end…to stop and be still is the only way to feel more present and absorb the miracle we are, and are living in.

Nowadays meditation is popularized by Buddhism and Yoga, but all the of the main religious traditions use forms of meditation. Becoming still has never been more important than now, the amount of information coming at us from all directions is insane. I find prayer or meditation to be the only remedy for feeling centered and reconnecting with Allah (God, the Universe, Mother Nature).

Would love to hear how you find inner peace, or what your practice is to feel centered!

Wishing you all a peaceful week

Back on Monday

Salam, Love



  1. I love these two images. You are right, we must find a quiet place for ourselves in this world. You ask our form of meditation, and for me, it is exercise. The repetition of motion, running, swimming, or even following in an exercise class -these all clear my mind so that all I focus on is the task at hand, keep running, swimming, etc. Very freeing!

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