Frames ready! #exhibition prep


Great news! Today I went to Van Rens Lijsten (my local frame-maker) and the frames for my upcoming exhibition are all finished now! Seven drawings are in ‘click-frames’ (I’m actually not sure if that’s what you call them, but they are not fixed, so you can still remove the drawing) and three drawings are fixed in wooden frames, a bit more expensive (as they will be auctioned for charity).

I loved walking around in their workplace, the smell of the wood, glue, paint..and art work of other artists (from all over the world) standing around. It’s an inspiring space to be in, because this is where the magic happens, a good frame is definitely the finishing touch to your work.

A bit of (snap-chat style) video footage:

Below you can see Hans van Rens at work and I had my daughter with me, so much fun!


If you are looking for experienced frame makers with great quality products and excellent service, they are the place to go (in the south of the Netherlands) !

Back with a new post on Monday!

Much Love






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