The way we can become connected to places in the world that we have never seen is astonishing. I have never been to Haiti, but there is a special connection.

When my sister Laura moved to Norway a decade ago, to study Norwegian, we could never have guessed that she would make friends with an amazing Norwegian/Haitian family in Tromsø.

Luc Edwin Ceide (now mayor of Saint-Louis-du-Sud ) and his wife Ingvill Konradsen Ceide run a charity called Prosjekt Haiti based in Port-Au-prince. They took my sister in when she was far away from us, inviting her for dinners, Christmas, supporting her when our grandmother passed away and she needed to travel back to the Netherlands. So on a very personal level my family feels connected to Prosjekt Haiti.

After the huge earthquake in 2010 and the cholera epidemic that followed, Hurricane Matthew is yet another disaster to hit Haiti.

>>Read more about the impact of Hurricane Matthew

(click on image to go to website of Prosjekt Haiti)

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 19.57.39.png



For the coming week or 2 I will draw images inspired by Haiti ‘s beauty, not showing any of the disasters (there is enough of that out there). And I am not sure how this will take shape..but I want to create hope giving images, showing what Haiti can become again… Showing the resilient spirit of the Haitians.

Here are some sketches so far:

And some chalk pastel drawings:

‘Honor thy mother’  A4 size chalk pastel drawing
‘Sea View’ A4 size chalk pastel drawing


That’s all for now, thank you so much again for stopping by and see ya’ll next Monday (skipping this Thursday’s post)

Much love to all







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