Set me free


Today’s drawings were a direct result of a new song by Jawad Mecka called: Unbroken. It touched me deeply and whilst listening to the music I went into a really meditative state.

The sounds, the words..I just started to see the images..even feeling them.


Below a chalk pastel drawing and later some experimenting with digital drawing on top:


This is a short taste of the song, but please listen to the full song on his website

CLICK HERE to listen to the full song:


Music is my no.1 tool to unlock something in me, that allows me to draw from a very deep place. I always like to refer to Wasilly Kandinsky:

Wasilly Kandinsky used music to create art. “Music was important to the birth of abstract art, since music is abstract by nature—it does not try to represent the exterior world, but expresses in an immediate way the inner feelings of the soul. Kandinsky sometimes used musical terms to identify his works; he called his most spontaneous paintings “improvisations” and described more elaborate works as “compositions.” (source Wikipedia)

Grateful for your visit and support! Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments.

Have a great Monday!

Blessings, Love


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