Starting in my first art studio

Painting in the making ‘New York’

Hooray! It has begun 🙂 I’ve started working in my new (and first ever) art studio for about a month now. Van Rens Lijsten, the local framemaker, kindly offered me a spot in their workplace.

I go there one afternoon a week when both kids are in school and get 1,5 hours to unleash my inspiration. I’m now working on larger pieces for the first time. One is already done and being framed! It’s such a liberating experience… I’ve walked around for years seeing the world ‘in painting’..I mean, I would see something and then think about how I could paint or draw it. Day in, day out.. I always made attempts to start drawing but always got stuck. Now I have less time, but more focus. My children have shifted everything, they made me realize there is no time to loose. Now or never baby!


I’ve been listening to this, whilst creating the New York painting (mind you, i’ve never actually been to NYC) :

One thing that has changed is that I know how to access my creative flow much better than let’s say a decade ago.. something is profoundly different since I started drawing again in 2015. I can’t really put my finger on it if I had to describe why.. i just know better how to overcome my fear of failure. I create even if the drawing or painting turns out terrible. Nothing can stop me. Even if I can’t generate an income with this (which I aim to). This will always be my ‘real job’, as Elizabeth Gilbert put it her book Big Magic.

I’m currently using a combination of acrylic paint and adding gel wax crayon on top once the paint is dry. I love these crayons so much, they are very soft and allow for lines without much effort. I think the person who invented them was a woman whose kids used her lipstick one to many times to draw

Will share the final result of this painting when it’s framed! Below a detail:

detail of painting ‘New York’

Thats all folks!

Thank you for your visit! Drop by again, I aim to post once a week on Mondays (also, check my Instagram for more regular updates)



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