Lost at sea

Meet Dr. Salem Abualnaser, speaking with such grace from hell on earth.
click on this link to see the video (posted by Rami Jarrah on facebook):

I made this drawing/painting thinking of the lives lost at sea due to the war in Syria

Ocean of Life, A3 size watercolor and pen
Detail ‘ocean of life’
Detail ‘Ocean of Life’

Whilst doing the dishes I was thinking about why it is so hard to live side by side with our differences..and just let each other be:

–Diary entry 19 Dec 2016

I now understand why we find it hard to accept that we are all equals in humanity..

We’ve been brought up to believe that our way of life is correct…

Accepting there are other ways of life that are also correct makes our own way of life questionable: “what if there are other ways of life that suit me better..”

This takes away a sense of security.

And that scares the hell outta me.

The minute I started writing this in my diary the song below started playing, which I had never heard until then.

Wishing you all a peaceful ending of the year and looking forward see you in 2017!

Much Love


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