Studio time, EVA International and womens march

Dear friends, Salam Malaikum (peace be with you)

You may have noticed I’m posting a bit less at the moment. This is because (apart from being a busy mummy with two toddlers) I am trying to spend my spare time on entering Art competitions and working in my studio once a week.

Here I am at my studio @ Van Rens Lijstenmakerij (I have a corner inside the workplace of our local frame maker)

At the moment I’m going to the studio with this huge amount of freedom, I can do whatever I want. I am using whatever paint and paper or canvas I can get my hands on and enjoy the challenge of working within my limitations (time, materials etc).

I plug in my earphones with some music, stand in front of the canvas and wait until the flow starts…once I begin I’m in a different state of mind. I don’t use my rational thought to ‘calculate’ or ‘reason’ about the best composition or colour combination. It even feels as if time slows down when I look at my hand applying paint onto the canvas, it looks like a film.

————————- EVA INTERNATIONAL —————————-

I just submitted a proposal to the OPEN CALL of the EVA International Biennial (in Ireland) for 2018.

I proposed to create a new body of work with the topic “The current state of our hearts”. I want to create 5 larger paintings out of these smaller drawings below. I had to add a budget and everything, which really forced me to look at what materials are out there and plan ahead.


—————————–WOMEN’S MARCH—————————

To close off this blogpost I wanted to share 2 digital drawings I made last week after watching the Women’s March live online.


(photo is by Nicole Craine from this NY Times article:


Seeing all these women united against! I felt so heartened by that. Trump and his administration think they can get their way by dividing everyone by feeding into fear, but in trying to do so people are getting united against the power hungry.

This is just a glimpse of the atmosphere:


Thank you for your support and for stopping by. I will keep posting updates on a regular basis 🙂 You can also follow me via Instagram or subscribe to my blog at the top right.

Much Love



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