100 x 100 cm Acrylic

“Homeless” by Isabella El-Hasan, 100 x 100cm, Acrylic paint on thick paper

Salam and blessings!

For about a month I’ve worked on this painting (‘Homeless’) which I’ve just finished. I went to the studio about 2 hours a week to get it done 🙂 I’m pretty happy with the end result. It’s a great feeling becoming more familiar with acrylic paint and finding my style/handwriting with this medium. I’m looking forward to share the framed version with you soon.

The real inspiration for this painting came from seeing many homeless people whilst living in London. Last October I posted about a particular encounter with a homeless girl. You can read it here: https://bellaelhasan.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/london/

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 16.21.40.png

Some of the music I was listening to whilst painting:

And the drawing that served as a study for this painting:


To close off this post: a little video compilation of my ‘Instagram stories’ giving you a peak into my studio

See you again!  Thanks for stopping by ❤




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