No one knows me like the piano 

A5 size pen-drawing “No one knows me like the piano”

‘(No one knows me) Like the piano‘ is a song by Sampha. I found out about it by watching this dance performance below, by Jon Boogz. He says: “This piece is dedicated to anyone who has lost their mother or someone dear to them, the song made me want to portray those emotions.”

Whilst listening to the song I made a pen drawing. I am looking forward to work out this study with different mediums> watercolor, chalk pastel, pen. For now I made a digital drawing (on my phone) on top of the pen drawing. The music and dance really resonate with me, I have recently lost an uncle and a friend.

I think the way both Sampha and Jon Boogz express that emotion of ‘loss’ is beautifully done. Art allows us to get in touch with emotions we would rather like to avoid, such as grief..

When drawing I imagined the mother of the person playing the piano being there in spirit.



Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate the interest and support. At the moment I am looking at creating prints to sell, I will keep you posted and as soon as my web-shop is up and running I’ll let you know. You can also follow my instagram account, which I use as a daily mood board/inspiration board/ diary.

Love, Salam

Isabella x

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 09.54.22.png.


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