A bit of time travel 

Going through old drawings & photos

I’m currently getting all my old drawings from the attic so I can bundle them in a book. It’s feels a bit like refreshing your CV after a long time, you’re like: oh yeah! Look at all the things I did..

In my old student house

You get a real sense of time going by, whilst looking at old notes and plans. It’s like taking a journey back in time, revisiting many versions of yourself.
Listening to this whilst travelling back in time:

Here are some small drawings from 2004 which I intended to turn into stickers and hang all through my city (that never happened though..)

I’m determined to unbox lots of stuff and either get rid of it or use it. I may use old drawings to create a new piece of work. Or at least present them in a way that is more accessible (by creating a sort of personal catalogue, or portfolio I guess)

I also wanted to show you how my studio is coming together, I am so grateful that Van Rens Frame makers are letting me use their space, they are super helpful and helped me set up these panels which were kindly donated by the local library (Bibliotheek Maas en Peel).


Wishing you all a wonderful week and for those who celebrated I hope you had a great Easter!

Peace and Blessings



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