Soundwaves – Day 2

It’s day 2 (of 25) of my digital drawing challenge!

As a young teenager (12,13 yrs) during summer holidays I worked in an activity centre for disabled youth. I encountered young people with all sorts of disabilities which gave a whole new dimension to what it means to communicate. Including the use of sign language. I’ve been watching sign language videos with my kids lately, because it’s so much more fun to learn about the abc’s when you can symbol them too, and that’s when I came across the video below. It shows you how sound and music is interpreted for deaf people. I learned all kinds of interesting things from it, for example that deaf people can still enjoy music via the sound vibration.

I keep thinking that sign language should be a topic in school that you can choose, I would love to be able to also speak sign language! Imagine what we can learn from each other! Expressing feelings through only body without sound, knowing how to read emotions better. I wonder…can hearing people learn how to feel sound the way deaf people do..? So many questions!

So this it the drawing that came out whilst listening to Alice Coltrane, trying to depict the world of sound waves and how they resonate in our bodies:

soundwaves day 2.jpg
“Sound waves” Digital Drawing, Isabella El-Hasan


This lady is just awesome:


Really love how Treshelle Edmond interprets the song I’m Here, from the musical ‘the colour purple’:

I imagine this music to be rather crazy to jazzy spirally stuff..


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