Fish Love – Day 4

— — — — — — — — — day 4 of the digital drawing challenge — — — — — — — — — — —

Good Morning,

Yesterday night I made today’s drawing…i wanted to draw something with the topic ‘Fly on the Wall’, my fiance gave me that as an idea..  I started thinking about how I could depict a scene that is observed silently, unnoticed…just like flies do.

I imagined a fly on a wall in a city and observing what’s going on, quietly observing love between a mother and her children. You can’t see any of the fly and all that in the drawing anymore, haha… but it lead me to this:

fish love day 4.jpg
‘Unconditional’, Digital Drawing, Isabella El-Hasan 2017

This morning I listened to Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski about how he describes ‘true love’ and I thought I’d share it here too:

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