Birth of a Kingdom – Day 8

day 8 digital drawing kingdom.jpg
Birth of a Kingdom, Digital Drawing, Isabella El-Hasan 2017

Drawing 8 of the digital drawing challenge 🙂

Inspired by the ancient Kingdom of Mali I used a photo of an original Gel Wax Crayon drawing I made.

day 8 digital drawing
original drawing, click on it to go to related blog post

I felt inspired by the story of how Timbuktu was founded. In the video below (at 2:30min) they talk about how a woman named Buktu maintained a well near the river banks of the Niger (early 11th century), which became a social center and stopping place for caravans and travelers. The village that was formed there was later called Timbuktu.

There are so many beautiful and fascinating documentaries you can find on youtube about ancient African Kingdom’s, like this one below:

Here is one of the many amazing Malien artists I often feel inspired by: Fatoumata Diawara ( I have posted this video’s about the attacks Mali has undergone in recent years, and how their cultural heritage is at risk)


Wishing you a happy weekend!

Drawing 9 here I come..!

Salam (peace)