The Dream – day 10

papas dream d10.jpg
The Dream, digital drawing by Isabella El-Hasan 2017

Drawing no. 10 of the digital drawing challenge

Many years ago (when I was a teen) we were sitting at the breakfast table with the whole family. It was a normal morning, we were chatting and there was a good mood, until everyone abruptly went silent when my dad said:

“I had such a strange dream…I dreamt I was standing in the desert with my Father (note that they had not seen each other in decades). He was wearing a white robe and he had a white horse with him, he gave me a strong hug and said he is going on a journey”

I think we all just felt it, it gave me goosebumps..Only a few hours later our fears were confirmed and we received a phone call from our family in Jordan to tell us our that he had just passed away..

There had not been any signs (like sickness) that he was about to pass away, they had only spoken over the phone in all those years. He came to say goodbye…

I never got to meet him, nor my grandmother.. May their souls find eternal peace.

Original Sketch and chalk pastel version:

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