Marbel Jar – Day 12

Marbel Jar Brene Brown.V2.jpg

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well. Me and my kids have been hit by the classic first flu of autumn and it knocked us out a bit. As I’m continuing my digital drawing challenge of 25 drawings (which I am most definitely not finishing by the end of September lol) I have decided to re-visit chalk pastel drawings I made in 2015 for the topic BRAVING by Dr. Brene Brown. I am working on the originals by drawing digitally on top of either a photograph or a scan.

Today’s drawing is called ‘Marbel Jar’ (check out the first blogpost here:

Below is the chalk pastel drawing from 2015:

Also, Dr. Brown has released a new book, called ‘Braving the wilderness’ and I can’t wait to start reading it.

Thanks for visiting and see you very soon! Onward to digital drawing no.13

Much Love