Kindness – Day 14

homeless digital 2018.jpg
‘Homeless’ , Digital Drawing by Isabella El-Hasan 2018

First post of 2018! Yay!

Hoping you are well and you started the new year in good spirits.

Today I wanted to share a new digital drawing, based on an original chalk pastel drawing. It’s the 14th digital drawing in my challenge to get 25 done (what started out as a 4 week challenge is taking a lot longer now, but I’m ok with that, it’s me setting myself these goals…)

It’s 2018…this shouldn’t even be happening, whenever I hear that sentence it doesn’t sit right. I mean as if we are better than ever… as if we (humanity) were so dumb say 500 years ago, because of slavery or witch hunts in the dark ages, or because of no voting rights for women until recently… It’s not the first time in history that humans are committing heinous crimes to one another. Technology has just lifted the damage we can do to a whole new level. And we constantly witness everything via our so called ‘smart’-phones, smart for those in power..that smart-deceiver, dividing us..

As we are all transitioning into this new way of being, with technology erasing old borders and simultaneously creating new ones, it’s good to focus inward more. Looking at our own stuff, like: am I being kind?

I messed up today, I got annoyed with the doctors assistant on the phone for not being able to help me with an appointment quicker. I was feeling really sorry for myself because I’m a single mum, with two young kids and being sick (flu) is tough when you have to be their rock and care for them whilst no one is taking care of you. I basically snarled at her because she said that ‘sometimes you just need to rest and sit it out, there is not a pill or medicine for everything’ (she’s got a point). I just used her to let out my frustration, which was not ok… It may seems like a small thing, but that’s when you can still catch it, before it grows out of hand. I’ve got to make sure I’m not watering the wrong seeds, so in time I become bitter and snarly out of habit.

Being kind is really hard sometimes, especially to one self. I remember periods when I was feeling very centered and happy and being kind to others would just come so easily. It really can’t come from a place of anger or frustration or pain..

As the saying goes: be kind to YOU first, so you can genuinly extend to others.

I’m just here getting up and falling back down and getting up again…and again. Hoping I’m getting it right.

Some acts of kindness may not even feel that important to you in the moment, but may save the day for another person. A simple smile can light up a life.

If you want to see the original chalk pastel drawing check out this older post >>

Music I was listening to whilst drawing:

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