Rayya Elias – Day 15

An ode to Rayya Elias 1960 – 2018

Rayya Elias, Digital Drawing by Isabella El-Hasan 2018

I can’t remember when I came across this interview below with Rayya Elias, I know it’s because I had read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I was looking on YouTube for a video of her.

I watched it yesterday and today (in 2 parts, kids make you do that) and at the end she chants a heart stirring prayer in Aramaic (first verse of the lords prayer) after which I felt absolutely compelled to make this drawing.

I have not read a single book of hers, but I will now…

thanks Rayya, Rest in power…



this drawing is part of the 4 week challenge to make 25 digital drawings, however not in 4 weeks anymore… More like a year.. 🙂