She’s got the Keys – Day 16

alicia - shes got tge keys
She’s got the Keys, Mixed media, Isabella El-Hasan 2018

Hi all!

I’m feeling inspired this week, so here’s another drawing 🙂

Alicia Keys is definitely in my personal top 10 of women that uplift and inspire me. I love her energy, the way she is staying true to herself and the way she has managed to keep her feet on the ground amidst the fame and glam.

I regularly re-post her studio snippets on my Instagram and love the little video’s of her and the children. Her latest album HERE has been playing a lot and I feel she’s been a part of my creative life for the last 2 years or so. I’m often listening to her music when drawing or painting (like here: But I’m also getting inspired by her work as an artist and activist.

For this drawing I used my original watercolor painting (from yesterday’s post) as a background to work on and added new layers via my digital drawing board.

I combined these two:

Into this:

Whilst listening to this track by Bonobo:

Thanks so much for your visit!

See you soon



This drawing is part of my series of 25 drawings I wanted to finish in 4 weeks time, but it is taking ‘a bit’ > 4 week challenge