Dutch landscape

‘The field’ – digital drawing on samsung galaxy 6

Springtime is here and the field behind our house is particularly beautiful now.

As you may have noticed (if you follow my blog) I’ve been working with digital drawings a lot lately. Even though I am enjoyong this, I prefer working analogue. There is just something about getting your hands dirty with chalk that makes the whole drawing experience so much better. However digital drawing has some interesting sides, such as being able to go steps forward and backward (undo and redo function). It’s a bit like time traveling… when drawing on paper you can’t undo or redo steps, which requires a very different type of concentration, you have to be creative to solve mistakes.

Living in a beautiful small town in the south (Limburg) of the Netherlands means I get to spend more time in nature. After a decade in various cities (Maastricht, London, Brighton) this is something I really appreciate, being able to walk out of my house and be in nature within minutes.

I started with a photo I made in my back garden (detail of the gate), and drew on top of it:


Some more drawings, sketches and photo’s with the same topic:


For those who have never been to the Netherlands, a time laps of Dutch nature (or whatever is left of it, most of our forests are planted, still beautiful though)..


Thanks so much for stopping by, I love to hear your thoughts or questions. Have a lovely Thursday and see you all on Monday.

Groetjes (Dutch for: greetings)

Love, Salam



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