Isabella El-Hasan is a visual artist living in the south of The Netherlands.

She’s a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, but also creates free work. She uses digital drawing, acrylic paint, oil paint, chalk pastels and pen.
From a very young age she discovered her love for drawing and worked towards getting accepted into Art Academy to study Fine Art. In 2008 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht with a Bachelor’s Degree in Video Design. The choice to study Video instead of Fine Art came after discovering the medium in a 3D Art class during her first year. “I discovered that combining music and image is incredibly powerful and I wanted to explore this further, plus working in a team to create really appealed to me.”
Upon graduating she deliberately did not pursue a career in Film or the Arts, but started working for a charity in London (Repaying the Kindness) with the intention to gain experience in serving one’s local community. “When I graduated I didn’t feel ready to commit to being an Artist. I hadn’t seen much of the world and wanted to travel and have new experiences.”
After having lived in the United Kingdom (London and Brighton) for 6 years she has returned to The Netherlands with her two children and started creating new work in October 2015. Her first exhibition took place in September 2016.
Apart from building a local and international client base as an illustrator and graphic designer, she also provides art workshops in school for kids and youth of all ages.

Keep up to date with the latest via her blog or Instagram Account


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