About the artist



I’m a freelance illustrator/artist based in The Netherlands. Currently enjoying life in the south of the country. Like most artists I have a day job that pays the bills, but any spare time there is I am using to develop my craft and grow as an artist.

A little about myself:

From a young age I had a fascination for the arts and even though art was not on my parent’s radar, they saw that it sparked a fire in me. With their encouragement and the support of my art teacher Mr. Fons Pisters in high school I pursued Art Academy. Upon graduating from the Maastricht Institute of Arts in 2008 with a Bachelor in Video Design I left the road of the arts. I didn’t feel sure art was what I wanted to go after, I hadn’t seen much of the world and was still in search of myself. So I left for London almost right after graduating. I ended up working with a small charity that offers respite for local carers. It was a very amazing time and has showed me how working with ones local community brings a lot of joy and connection. After 6 years in the UK I returned to the Netherlands. I had become a mum in the meantime and I was at the start of a new life with my kids, who eventually reminded me that all I wanted is to create.

More and more I see how the arts, at its core, are the ultimate healer for ones soul, at least that’s my experience. I strongly believe that art is for everyone and not just an elite thing. I would encourage anyone to start creating, expressing through dance, song, sculpting, painting or whatever.

If you are interested to collaborate or hire me as an illustrator, you can reach me via the contact button.

I also have an Instagram page that you can follow.

Thanks for stopping by!


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