Exhibition Opening!


Friday (30 September 2016) was the opening of my very first exhibition! If you are in town go and see it, it’s there throughout the whole month of October 2016 (in the Library of Reuver: Pastor Vranckenlaan 18, 5953 Reuver).

Vincent Freriks, CEO of Bibliotheek Maas en Peel (Body of libraries in the region Maas en Peel) invited me to create an exhibition for ‘De Maand van de Geschiedenis’ (Month of History) and this years topic is ‘Borders’ (in Dutch: Grenzen).

I wanted to highlight the struggle of being forced to leave ones home due to war, having to cross borders against ones will. But also, I tried to express that we should not let the illusion of borders blind us and take away our humanity. Maybe the real borders that refugees are bumping up against are the walls around peoples hearts.



The opening:


Click on on the images below to read previous posts related to the exhibition:




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Much Love, Salam (Peace)




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