Liberation Day (5 May 1945)


Every year we celebrate ‘Bevrijdingsdag’ (Liberation Day) in the Netherlands.  On the 4th of May we are remembering all WW2 victims and on the 5th of May we celebrate our liberation from Nazi Germany in 1945.

Each province in the Netherlands will have some sort of festivities going on, for Limburg (where I live) the city Roermond is hosting its yearly Liberation Festival. I am very grateful to have been asked to be part of their series of mini documentaries, asking several people from our province what freedom means to them.

They also made a video (English) kind of summarizing everything that was said in a poem.

Sharik Derksen and Eelko Lommers from Bevrijdingsfestival Limburg came to film me at my studio at Van Rens Framemakers, here’s a brief translation of what I’m saying in the video: ” Freedom to me is all about the freedom to express myself, about showing who I am and feeling comfortable in doing so.  I would advise the younger generation to not take our freedom for granted, it’s a fragile thing. Keep investigating through different channels, read, learn, don’t stop asking questions.”

Wishing you all a good weekend

Peace, Salam


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